The Surveillance Software for IP cameras

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NV Surveillance version 2.1

Surveillance software for recording IP camera video streams

Introducing NV Surveillance, a software designed to enhance IP camera surveillance capabilities for monitoring less crowded private areas. The software uses advanced continuous stream analysis to capture and store movement on your PC, providing a comprehensive scene of activities.

Easily search through recorded footage using various criteria to find relevant moments. The software also includes our pre-trained deep neural network module for content-based video search.The NV Surveillance is entirely free to use. However, we advise carefully reading the license agreement before installing this product to ensure compliance with terms and conditions.

NV Surveillance stands out as an ideal option for those in need of a surveillance software with an intuitive user interface and intelligent analysis capabilities.


Windows 10/11 x64 with up to date operating system.
Low end PC requirements for 2 cameras (25 FPS, HD):
   ✓ RAM 2Gb
   ✓ HDD/SSD 1 Gb free space
   ✓ CPU 4 Cores 1.4 GHz

Download for Windows 10/11 x64

Some of the main features:

✓ Movement detection
✓ Movement scene recording
✓ Continuous stream analysis
✓ Auto background learning
✓ Auto video content analysis/tagging with deep neural networks

Live View:

✓ Multi camera view
✓ Single camera view
✓ Auto active camera view selection

History View:

✓ Searching by date time
✓ Searching for specific image content
✓ Searching for movements in image ROI


✓ Search for IP cameras on your local network:
✓ Add cameras by IP address/domain + RTSP port/ONVIF port
✓ Movement size and sensitivity setup


Hello, I'm Botond, the author of NV Surveillance software. I began this project as a hobby many years ago after my grandparents became victims of an armed robbery, which left a deep impact on me.

My objective was to develop a surveillance software that I could freely share with others. Presently, the software remains a work in progress, with plans to introduce numerous new features in the near future.

I sincerely hope you find value in the software, and I invite you to reach out with any questions or ideas you may have.

Thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in NV Surveillance. Together, we can contribute to improving security in our communities.

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