private laptop sevice


NVT software Is available as device-based service for companies needing mobility and discrete data handling. Designed for users who are conducting special assignments, the technology and data processing reside within each machine. NVT can provide a high-performance laptop preloaded with the software and configured for field operations and remote locations where all processing and results remain local to each individual laptop.

on prem private cloud


NVT deploys its technology as an appliance behind our client’s firewall to support secure processing of data within the network. We also offer an OEM solution to technology companies needing a robust document recognition and/or classification solution and in this mode, use a JSON or REST API to execute services against documents submitted to the processing queue.

software as a service


Users of our technology may choose our AWS-based cloud environment to process their data. As such, users simply need access to the internet and the data resident locally in a zip file. Once a user has received access permissions and credentials, they simply upload the zip file containing data requiring processing. Users then search for specific data and/or cluster and tag documents and download results.

NVT provides this technology as a hosted application running in the cloud as a service. The user experience Is basic and intuitive, reflecting a core design principle of simplicity.

our private data center


NVT software is available as a fully supported service utility within our own physical operations center. In this mode you ship data to us on approved portable media and we process the data using our private infrastructure. Results can be returned to you on portable media or for time sensitive projects, through a private web portal which posts results as they become available.

NVT operates its own secure data center to support circumstances where private data processing is preferred or desired. Data Is transported through secure servers and all processing is performed by certified operators at our location.